Adam Burgess

Adam Burgess


Date of Birth: 17/07/1992
Born: Stoke-On-Trent
Hometown: Stoke-On-Trent
Lives: Nottingham
Occupation: Student / Athlete
Height / weight: 1.80m / 70kg
Paddling since: 2003
Club: Stafford and Stone Canoe Club
Coaches: Ian Raspin / Gareth Wilson
Class: C1 / C2
Boat: Nelo
Paddles: Galasport
Sponsored By: Nelo, i-GO Lenses, NTU
LotteryFunding: GB Podium Potential Programme
Website: Other sports, playing the guitar
Twitter: @AdamBurgessGBR



Olympic Games

World Champs

Euro Champs

World Cup



Deep Creek: C2 - 11th, C2 Team - 9th

Penrith U23: C1 - 9th, C1 team - 4th

Vienna: C2 - 15th, C2 Team - 6th

WC1 London: C2 - 19th, C2 Team -1st

WC 3 Prague: C1 - 34th, C1 Team - 3rd, C2 - 12th

WC 4 Le Seu d'Urgell: C1 - 21, C2 -14th

WC 5 Augsburg: C2 - 12th


Prague: C2 Team - 3rd

Prague: C2 - 21st

Krakow: C2 - 22nd WC 1 Cardiff: C2 - 10th, Team C2 - 2nd, C2 - 12th
2012 Reserve Gold J18 C1 Team

Augsburg: C2 Team-1st

Augsburg C2-19th

WC1 Cardiff: C2 - 20th

WC2 Pau: C2 - 20th

WC4 Prague: C2 - 7th

WC4 Prague: C1 - 4th

2011     Banja Luka: U23-12th  




Foix: C1 U18-6th

Foix: C1 Team U18-1st


Leipzig: C1 U18-12th


My favourite Disney character is Lightning McQueen.